INCI: Niacinamide

What is Niacinamide?

A form of vitamin B3, it occurs in the body when it absorbs more niacin than it needs to. The vitamin can be found in various foods like beans, fish, eggs, and meat.

Use & Benefits

In cosmetics, niacinamide is used to improve skin tone and texture. Some studies suggest that niacinamide can improve skin elasticity, reduce acne, and possibly rosacea by the reduction of inflammation. Niacinamide may even increase the effectiveness of sunscreens boosting protection against free radicals.
When using niacinamide creams its best to start with a small amount to see the skin reacts as it can cause redness, peeling, always talk with a specialist first,
Niacinamide can be used with other vitamins like vitamin E, C to improve radiance in the skin.

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