INCI: Nelumbo nucifera seed extract / Nelumbo nucifera flower extract

What is Nelumbo nucifera seed extract / Nelumbo nucifera flower extract?

Lotus is a beautiful flower of an aquatic herb scientifically known as nelumbo nucifera. The flower belonged to a royal tradition of a beauty bath for queens in Ancient India and as a medicine for various ailments in other Asian countries. However, the seeds are also of significance in terms of cosmetic value. The flower and the seed extract both can be useful, the seed extract can be obtained from the green germ of mature seeds. The extract contains flavonoids and alkaloids for example, roemerine, lotusine, armepavine, neferine etc.

Use & Benefits

The lotus seed extract is mainly proven useful as an antioxidant. However, research regarding its anti-aging potential is still under progress. Various ingredients in lotus seeds act as powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers. When applied on the surface of skin or hair it can protect the skin against harmful and damaging free radicals and substitute themselves for structural protein. So, the structural damage because of the free radicals may be inhibited and reversed. It also has antimicrobial properties. When it is used in a product it can work dual ways, it can not only protect the skin but also saves the product from ruining because of microbial contamination. When applied on the skin, it forms a layer on the skin which protects the skin from external damaging factors such as wind, dust or microbes. It also preserves the skin’s inherent moisture and makes skin well-hydrated. The tannins present in the extract function as an astringent. It can denature the skin protein such as dead skin cells, dead bacteria and help skin cleanse and improves skin’s complexion. It is used in skincare and hair care products.