INCI: Myroxylone balsamum balsam extract

What is Myroxylone balsamum balsam extract or Balsam Peru?

Balsam Peru, as the name suggests, is originated from Peru. Although it is also cultivated in Sri Lanka and Jamaica. It is a large tree, and every part of the tree releases some liquid, this liquid may irritate on contact. It’s main constituents-benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate- are colorless, oily and fragrant.

Use & Benefits

Medicinally it is incorporated into ointments to use as antiparasitic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. In cosmetics, it is used for getting rid of the unpleasant odor. Its special vanilla and cinnamon like fragrance make it more acceptable to use. It may also be used for acne and eczema.