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INCI: Myristoyl tripeptide-31

What is Myristoyl tripeptide-31?

Myristoyl tripeptide-31 is a synthetic peptide, synthesized by reacting Myristic acid and tripeptide-31. It is a fatty acid with long chains of peptides having properties of retinoic acid.

Use & Benefits:

Myristoyl tripeptide-31 is a multifunctional retinoic acid-like tripeptide. It is very useful in treating age-related changes in the skin. The skin undergoes aging by both external and internal factors. External factors like exposure to UV light may bring out changes in original skin protein structure, which may lead to the formation of unhealthy skin cells and as a result skin problem like formation of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots on the skin may appear. Tripeptides are very effective in reducing this hyperpigmentation of skin and wrinkles. It enhances the tone, texture, and firmness of the skin. It makes the skin healthier and more rejuvenated. It is mainly used in formulations of creams, lotions and other skincare products.y beneficial effect, it has a natural fragrance that makes it a unique choice for making fragrant cosmetic.

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