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INCI: Morus bombycis root extract

What is Morus bombycis root extract ?

Morus bombycis also called Japanese mulberry, belongs to Moraceae family. It is widely cultivated in Japan. Extracts from the plant have many medicinal uses like used for treating cough and asthma. The leaves, fruits and roots are used to get extracts of high medicinal value. The root extract of the plant contains a high percentage of anti-oxidants. Especially, a hydroquinone derivative- arbutin.

Use & Benefits:

Similar to other mulberries, the extract contains various antioxidants like flavonoids or anthocyanines.  Antioxidants block the detrimental effect of free radicals on the skin. Such effects are premature aging of skin, formation of fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone etc. When the extract containing antioxidants applied on  the skin, it can reverse the aging effect and significant improvement in appearance of the skin can be seen. As mentioned earlier compound named arbutin reduces production of melanin in the skin by deactivating tyrosinase. It is a key enzyme required for production of melanin. This reduces abnormal pigmentation of skin associated with aging and exposure to harmful UV radiations. It naturally lightens the skin, making it more radiant and rejuvenated. It is used in various anti-aging, skin care and hair care products. 


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