INCI: Morinda citrifolia extract

What is Morinda citrifolia extract?

Morinda citrifolia , also known as noni/ cheese fruit/ Indian mulberry, is a fruit bearing tree. It is native to Southeast Asia, Australia and India. It normally grows in shady forests, can also grow in saline salts and drought conditions. Fruit juice and extract of leaves is used for food, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The Fruits are de-seeded ad pulp is centrifuged to get clear juice. It contains active ingredients like Damnacanthol- anthraquinone glycoside, various vitamins like vitamin C and E, Beta carotene, Ursolic acid, gallic acid, polysaccharide, fatty acids, flavonoids, sterols and polysaccharides.

Use & Benefits:

As mentioned earlier, Noni extract has many valuable vitamins, minerals and other active constituents. It acts as skin replenisher, as we age our skin’s natural capacity for rejuvenating decreases. So when noni extract applied on the surface of the skin it gets quickly absorbed in to the skin and exerts beneficial effect. It has anti-inflammatory properties. The skin due to exposure to harmful UV rays gets damaged, form skin spots and wrinkles due to photoaging. The extract from leaves and fruits of the tree slow down this aging of cells. It induces regeneration of new skin cells, retain moisture and also enhance production of collagen. It plays an important role in maintain elasticity and firmness of skin. It is used in formulations of many personal care and skin care products.