Isolated Formulation™️

Developed exclusively by Lesielle

What is Isolated Formulation™️?

In traditional cosmetics, if you want to add active ingredients with different pHs (such as Retinol and Vitamin C), must do so at very low concentration so that they don't degrade.

At Lesielle, as each Active is separate, we formulate it individually in its ideal environment. Thus, we can make them more powerful and better preserved.

Advantages of Isolated Formulation™️

Increase the concentration of each active

In a standard cosmetic, the high concentration of active ingredients can destabilize the rest of the formula

The Isolated Formulation™️ solves this problem.

Up to now almost impossible active combinations

As the actives are separate, you can combine them as you like, as they will only be together for a few seconds on your skin. No more incompatibilities!

Increased skin penetration

The formulation is optimized specifically for each active ingredient, so we have increased their absorption into the skin.

If you still don't know which bases and actives go with you, we'll help you!
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