INCI: Montmorillonite

What is Montmorillonite?

Montmorillonite is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals which are found naturally in the Earth’s crust. It gets its name from the place Montmorillon in France. Along with other silicates, the sheets of montmorillonite also contain some other elements like iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium and sodium. It has a special structural speciality, that is its crystalline structure and comparatively larger surface area/ molecule with small negatively charged particles. 

Use & Benefits:

Similar to other clay, it has a good water absorbing capacity. So, when it is added to any formulation in increases the bulk as well as viscosity of a product. Individual crystals of montmorillonite are used in cosmetic products provide a stability to a product by increasing the bulk by dissolving in water-phase. Since it has many ions in it structure and it carries negative charge it can be used to maintain pH balance of the product. It also acts as a adsorbent and thus it reaches deep in to the pores and removes positively charged dirt and grime attached to the skin. Thus, it acts as skin purifier and helps skin combat skin infections like acne. Its water absorbing capacity keeps skin hydrated, fresh and free of infections. It is used in products like bath products, skin care products and makeup products. 


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