Microcrystalline wax

Microcrystalline wax

INCI: Microcrystalline wax

What is Microcrystalline wax?

Microcrystalline wax is a mineral wax, obtained as a byproduct of the petroleum refining process. It is obtained during petroleum refining by the de-oiling of petroleum. It has branched- long chain, and naphthalic hydrocarbons, which gives it a fine crystalline structure. As the name suggests it is very fine or micro in size. It comes as off-white slabs, odorless, denser and viscous. It is more flexible as compared to paraffin wax.

Use & Benefits:

Microcrystalline wax, being a hydrocarbon can form various temporary bonds with other ingredients in the structure such as oil and solvents. It prevents a phenomenon called “sweating” of lip-sticks. Which  occurs because of temperature fluctuation and which may produce the formation of droplets on the lipstick surface.  It is more flexible than other types of waxes and does not break on the application of pressure. This property provides flexibility and good tensile strength to a stick-kind of a product. For products like creams and lotions, it provides a base that can be easily incorporated into a formulation. It also provides color uniformity in color cosmetics. It is used mainly in formulations of lipsticks, creams, lotions, concealers, eye makeup products, and other cosmetic products.




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