INCI:  Mica

What is Mica?

Mica is known as a group of silicate minerals. It is naturally available and found in widely distributed different forms of rocks. The word Mica is coined from the Latin word ‘micare’ which means ‘to glitter’. Mica has been used throughout ages for various purposes especially in decorations. It is coated with other pigments like iron oxide, titanium dioxide to give them a specific color. Mica obtained from muscovite mica is widely used in cosmetic products.

Use & Benefits

Mica is mainly used for its shimmer and glitter property. The particle size of mica and the crystal structure allows even spreadability and reflective quality to any product. This is particularly useful in nail polishes and lip glosses. When a powder applied on face it should give appropriate shimmer and in a reflective manner, so that skin looks brighter.  It gets nicely suspended and blended in thick bases and other pigments used for external applications. Some times when a blend of ingredients is not uniform in color, Mica can be used to impart uniform opacity to any product. It can impart white to sparkly white appearance to a product. It is widely used in decorative cosmetics, makeup, nails, and other personal care products.




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