Methylsilanol mannuronate

Methylsilanol mannuronate

INCI: Methylsilanol mannuronate

What is Methylsilanol mannuronate?

Methylsilanol mannuronate is a silicone-based product. Methyl silanol can be referred to as organic silanol, which is reacted with mannuronic acid. Mannuronic acid can be found naturally on the cell wall of algae.

Use & Benefits

Methylsilanol mannuronate has both silicon and mannuronic acid benefits in its structure. The Element silicone may be considered essential for maintaining skin protein collagen and elastin into the unaltered state otherwise it can react with the glucose into the body to form another in-effective variant via a process called (AGEs – Advanced glycation end products). Thus, the availability of this skin protein in natural form may help skin become better. It also protects the skin from free radicals which are formed as a result of environmental pollutants encounter. This free radical can again transform necessary skin proteins and other important metabolites to inactive metabolites or damaging metabolites, so skin cell expression may get altered and as a result, fine line, wrinkles, dark spots may prematurely start appearing. So, anti-aging formulation prevents any underlying cause and help skin improve. It may also help skin form higher collagen, a skin protein. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well. So, irritated or sensitive skin can be very well treated with this ingredient. It helps the skin with cellulitis as well. It is non-allergenic and non-reactive. So, it can be used in anti-aging and anti-stretch mark cream, baby care products, pre- and post-sun care products, aftershave, depilatories, and sensitive skin care products.


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