Methyl trimethicone

Methyl trimethicone

INCI: Methyl trimethicone

What is Methyl trimethicone?

Methyl trimethicone is a siloxane compound. It has three molecules of siloxanes, but in spite of being a molecule, it is a very light compound. It is a very volatile compound.

Use & Benefits

Methyl trimethicone is mainly used as a solvent, it is a good dispersing agent. It is particularly helpful for the cosmetic containing pigments since as soon as it is applied it can get dried quickly, leaving the color behind, forming a film. Alone or in combination it can be used as an emulsifier. When it is applied on the skin or hair surface, it gets evaporated, leaving a protective film behind. It does not let moisture evaporate and makes it available for the skin and hair. So, it conditions the skin and hair. It is used in toiletries, decorative cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and pre/post sun care products.


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