Methyl glucose sesquistearate

Methyl glucose sesquistearate

INCI: Methyl glucose sesquistearate

What is Methyl glucose sesquistearate?

Methyl glucose sesquistearate is a mixture of mono- or diesters of stearic acid and methyl glucoside. The word ‘sesqui’ means 3:2 proportion of mono or diesters with stearic acid. It comes as off-white flakes with a mild odor. It is non-ionic in nature. It contains naturally derived sugar in its structure.

Use & Benefits

It is one of the sucrose-based emollient. Considering glucoside structure, it has the ability to retain water molecules along. When applied on the skin, it makes those water molecules available for the skin. So, skin can feel moist and supple. Stearic acid has fat-loving characteristics. So, these two make a perfect combination for holding oil and water both the phases together and stabilizes the emulsion. It also conditions the skin by forming a layer on the skin. It has a very low irritation profile; it can be used in products meant for eye make-up as well. It can be used for other decorative cosmetics as well since it has good pigment dispersion ability. It is used in skin care products, hair care products, color cosmetics, after-shave and styling products, anti-aging formulas, antiperspirants, sun-care products and eye – and lip- care products.


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