Methyl gluceth-20

Methyl gluceth-20

INCI: Methyl gluceth-20

What is Methyl gluceth-20?

Methyl gluceth-20 is an ether of methyl glucose with polyethylene glycol. It can also be derived from corn. It has great water retention properties. It comes as a pale-yellow viscous liquid. It has a faint odor.

Use & Benefits

Since it has tremendous water retention capacity, it is very useful from a formulation point of view. It helps with the soft and unbreakable structure of bath soap, smoother texture in lotions and creams. It has significant numbers of hydroxyl groups (-OH) in its structure, so it can form a bond with water molecules and that's how it can attract more water. When applied on the skin, it draws moisture from the surrounding environment and makes it available for the skin. For dry skin, it imparts moisture and also does not let it escape by forming a film on the skin surface. It gives a gentle and smooth feel to the skin, which is peculiar to this ingredient. It is used in Creams, lotions, aftershave products, bathing soaps, cleansing products and hair wave products.


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