Methyl gluceth-20 benzoate

INCI: Methyl gluceth-20 benzoate

What is Methyl gluceth-20 benzoate?

Methyl gluceth-20 benzoate is a partially water-loving benzoate ester of methyl gluceth-20. Methyl gluceth- 20 is again an ester of polyethylene glycol and methyl glucose. It comes as clear, light yellow liquid, with a very mild odor.

Use & Benefits

Methyl gluceth-20 benzoate is quite a stable solvent, which has not only formulation benefits but also better skin-feel is an important benefit of it. It has many hydroxyl groups (-OH) in its structure, which makes it attract more water molecules. So, when it is applied on the skin via any formulation, it draws moisture from the surroundings and makes it available for the skin. It also forms a layer on the skin surface, which is a protective one and does not let moisture evaporate. Such skin conditioning quality gives it a unique spreadability and smooth feel. Dry skin may get a noticeable benefit when the product containing Methyl gluceth-20 benzoate is applied. It is used in creams, lotions, hand and face creams, sunscreen lotions, sunless tanning products, Anti-acne products, and other decorative cosmetics.