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INCI: Methyl alcohol

What is Methyl alcohol?

Methanol or methyl alcohol is also known as wood alcohol as it was first produced by destructive distillation of wood. It is the simplest form of alcohol. It is a light, volatile, colorless flammable liquid with a distinctive odor.

Use & Benefits:

Methanol is used in cosmetic formulations mainly as a vehicle or solvent. It has a simple chemical structure so; it can easily dissolve many other ingredients in itself. Another use of methanol is as a denaturant. It typically find it used in denature ethyl alcohol common in many cosmetic products. this a way to make ethyl alcohol unsuitable for consumption by giving it an intensely bitter taste. It is simple and smaller in structure so it gets easily absorbed in the skin. This property is helpful when important and beneficial ingredients or potent ingredients such as some antioxidants, vitamins, can be directly delivered into the skin. It is used in personal care products, cosmetics, and formulations of bath products.

However alcohols can be irritant to some consumers especially those with sensitve skin.

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