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INCI: Mentha piperita oil / Mentha piperita leaf extract

What is Mentha piperita oil / Mentha piperita leaf extract?

Mentha piperita commonly called peppermint is a hybrid variety of mint, between water min- spearmint. It is indigenous to Europe and Middle Eastern countries. The plant is an herb with purple flowers, grows mainly in moist places like stream sides. The peppermint oil is a colorless or pale yellow in color with a strong fragrance. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant. It contains mainly menthol, menthone, followed by limone, methofuran and pulegone. It has a pungent taste, and a unique cooling sensation it provides when applied or consumed. Its fragrance and flavor are the highest of all varieties of mint.

Use & Benefits:

It imparts a cooling and calming effect. It is fat-loving in nature, so when it is applied in lower concentrations, it readily reaches beneath the skin providing beneficial effects. This property is particularly useful for sensitive skin preparations, as it may provide a sign of relief. It is also used to isolate menthol and menthone at the commercial level. In certain preparations when the resultant odor of a product is not appealing the peppermint extract is used to mask such odors. It is also found in leave-on and rinse-off preparations. Topical preparations of peppermint oil are toothpaste, fresheners, mouthwashes, bath products and skincare products.






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