INCI: Maltodextrin

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide (many carbohydrates joined in a long chain). It is derived naturally from plants like rice, corn, potato starch. It is produced commercially by the breakdown of starch from plants by using enzymes or weak acids. Physically it appears as a white, granular, odorless powder.

Use & Benefits

Maltodextrin is commonly used as a sweetener in food products. In cosmetic products, it is used as a binding agent to bind various components together in the product.  It also has good moisture absorbing property so it is used in products to lower the loss of moisture. It also draws moisture from surroundings and makes it available for skin cells to utilize. It forms a film on the surface of hair or skin and protects it from the environment. It conditions the hair and skin. It is mainly used in formulations of bath products, cleaning agents, hair dyes and colors, foot powders, eye makeup products, skin and hair care products.


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