Magnesium aluminum silicate


INCI: Magnesium aluminum silicate

What is Magnesium aluminum silicate?

Magnesium aluminum silicate, also known as Veegum, is a mineral that can be found in clay or precisely smectite. It is then refined and purified. It comes as a fine off-white to tan-greenish powder, odorless and flaky in appearance.

Use & Benefits

It has a relatively larger molecule so it does not penetrate into the skin and stays on the skin.  Also, when it is suspended in water it exhibits special rheologic property. It is mainly used as a thickener in cosmetics and beauty products. It can also work with high pH products very well.  Similar to other clays it swells significantly as mentioned earlier when it comes in contact with water. So, it can be used in any product to increase viscosity. It is white and so it can make the product uniform in color as well as imparts opacity, making it more presentable to the customer. As a suspension in water, it becomes sticky. This particular property is useful to prevent the semisolid product from caking or getting dried and becoming fragmented. It also absorbs any disagreeable smell or stickiness from the product and acts as an absorbent. It also improves or modifies the slip of the product.  It is used in products such as deodorants, thick lotions, shaving creams, hair care products, depilatories and creams, and lotions. 


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