Lithium magnesium sodium silicate

Lithium magnesium sodium silicate

INCI: Lithium magnesium sodium silicate

What is Lithium magnesium sodium silicate?

Lithium magnesium sodium silicate is one of the silicates, either mined or synthesized. They are found almost everywhere on the earth. The presence of silicon, water and other one or more metals makes it similar to clay and allows it to absorb water. It comes as a white powder.

Use & Benefits

It is mainly used similar to clay, i.e. for increasing bulk in case of dry formulation and increase viscosity in case of the wet formulation. When in dry form, it can increase the bulk of a product. It has a tremendous capacity to absorb water and form a gel-like structure. This particular property is helpful in case of toiletries or bath products. For makeup products like lip gloss or other shine producing products, it serves as a base. It is used in bath products, skin care products and makeup.


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