Linolenic acid

Linolenic acid

INCI: Linolenic acid

What is Linolenic acid?

Linolenic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid. It is also known as ALA- Alpha-linolenic acid. It is an essential fatty acid, meaning we cannot synthesize it in our body, but we have to acquire it to use it in the metabolic process. It is found in various vegetable oils, fish oil etc. It is proven as essential for healthy skin functioning. It is a colorless liquid, insoluble in water. 

Use & Benefits

Being an essential fatty acid, when used in any products, it conditions the skin, meaning it forms a film on the surface of the skin/hair and doesn’t let moisture evaporate. It forms a protective film of the skin surface. It can also be used as emollient; it helps the skin remain hydrated. It can be beneficial for dry skin. When it is used in any formulation, it helps handle the static charge, since static charge can sometimes destabilize the formulation. In haircare preparation, it can be useful as it may calm the static charge present on hair and helps them remain untangled. According to some studies, ALA along with other fatty acids present in fish oil can helps skin heal faster. It can get incorporated into the skin’s metabolic processes and help the skin get rid of any defects which otherwise can lead to dull, sagging, or hyperpigmented skin. It can heal wounds faster and make the skin appear normal.  It can be used in skincare, haircare, sun care preparations, in creams and lotions and decorative cosmetics. 


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