INCI: Limnanthes alba seed oil

What is Limnanthes alba seed oil?

Laminanthes alba, also known as white Meadowfoam, is a flowering plant. It is native to North America. The seeds are medicinally and cosmetically useful parts of the plant. The seeds are cold-pressed to get oil. The oil is clear yellow liquid with no odor.  The limnanthes oil mainly contains long-chain fatty acids such as ecosanoic acid. The long-chain fatty acid makes the oil much more stable. 

Use & Benefits

It is mainly used as a skin conditioning agent; it has a good moisturizing capacity. Lanolin can be considered as a skin-nourishing ingredient, but the meadowfoam seed oil is 4 times as moisturizing as lanolin. It has a high-water absorption ability. Therefore, it can be beneficial for extremely dry skin. Apart from skin beneficial effects, it has formulation benefits as well such as It has higher oxidative stability -meaning it does not degrade quickly and can be used in any formulation; secondly, it gives a non-greasy feel along with good moisturization, which is a plus for any moisturizer, in fact, it is preferred over other moisturizers because of this property.; And lastly, it can be a favorable medium for any color pigments. It is used in sun care, bath products, make-up, skin cleansing product, and skincare products.