Levisticum officinale root extract


INCI: Levisticum officinale root extract

What is Levisticum officinale root extract?

Levisticum officinale, commonly known as lovage, is an herb-like plant native to Europe, and southwestern Asia. It is used for culinary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Its roots are much useful for cosmetic purposes. It contains phthalide lactones, terpenoids, furocoumarins, volatile acids- caffeic acid and benzoic acid; camphene, psoralen and bergapten. The extract comes as a light amber-colored liquid with a celery-like, medium-strength odor.

Use & Benefits

Lovage root extract is used mainly for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic purposes. Since it can calm the red and itchy skin It can be used for sensitive skin as well. It has a wonderful aroma and so it is well-used to mask any undesirable odor in any formulation. It is also used for perfumery. When applied on the skin surface, it can cleanse and condition the skin. It does not leave the skin dry or irritated. It can be considered a unique combination in one ingredient as it cleanses and imparts moisture at the same time. It actually forms a layer on the skin or hair surface and does not let moisture evaporate. It can be used for acne-prone or dried skin since it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is used in skincare and perfumery products.




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