Lesielle 2 System

Instructions Manual

Get started: First use video

Technical Specifications


  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • NFC tags: Yes
  • USB type: C

Special Materials:

  • Mixing tank: ABS with Silver Ions (Ag+)


  • CE
  • Rohs

LED Lights meanings

There are 2 zones of LEDs. One is about the battery and Bluetooth, and the other one is used to show indications about the refills.

Battery/Bluetooth LED

Red (blinking): low battery

A red blinking led in the battery position means the battery is low. The device will still work, but you should charge it as soon as possible.

Red (steady): battery is empty

A steady red LED indicates an empty battery, meaning the device won't produce cream. Connect it to a power supply via USB to use while charging.

White (blinking): charging

Your device is currently charging when the LED is blinking white.

White (steady): fully charged

The device is connected to a power supply through the USB cable, and the battery is fully charged.

Blue: the device is connected to the App

When the LED is steady blue, it signifies that your device is successfully connected to the App

Multiple colors blinking (red, white, or blue)

Take into account that the previous states can be combined. For example:

Blue + Red (alternating)-> device connected to the app via Bluetooth and low battery.

Blue + White (alternating)-> device is connected to the app via Bluetooth, and the device is charging.

Actives and Base LEDs

This area helps you know how many refills you have introduced and the levels of your refills. 

White steady, White blinking, OFF: refill levels

  • A white (steady) LED means there is a refill and it has enough content.
  • A white (blinking) LED means there is a refill with less than 10% of content. Be aware to replace it as soon as it is empty.
  • An Off LED means there is no refill (or there is no smart sticker on it)

In the following example, you can see a device with 1 base and 3 actives, with one of the actives having less than 10% of the content.

Red LED in the base position: the base is not centered

When the base is not centered the device will alert you with a red LED in the base position.

The device will still work to avoid blocking the use, but it will create some errors in the experience like the base level not being correctly measured in the future (the use will not be discounted). Please, always center the base to enjoy a smooth experience.

All LEDs with the same color

All Blue: device asking for pairing confirmation

During the device pairing process with the App, all LEDs will turn blue. Confirm the pairing by pressing the device button.

All Red: there is problem

If your device identifies a problem, it will signal it by displaying all LEDs in red (this can be before or during the skincare production cycle). Check the App for specific error details and solutions.

A device, even with errors, will always try to operate to avoid blocking you from obtaining your personalized skincare, but you should try to identify the error and correct it to avoid damaging the device or missing some of the features.

If you do not have the app in hand, some of the most common problems are:

- The base is not centered, lacks the smart sticker, or is missing.
- There are not enough refills inside the device (minimum 1 base and 2 actives)

If the problem is none of this, you may need to take some simple action or contact technical service-> Please use the app as soon as possible to identify the problem and get the solution.

Common mistakes and good practices

    Take into consideration the following points to experience a smooth experience and avoid the most common user mistakes.

    1. U-Piece orientation: make sure it is inserted with the green triangle facing upwards.
    2. Center the base: check that the base is centered using orientation elements (the device will show the base LED in red if it's not).
    3. Minimum refills: the device requires at least 1 base and 2 actives to operate.
    4. Smart stickers: do not manipulate the refill’s “smart stickers” - the device uses them to read your refills.
    5. Refills pre-load: pump the refills before the first use and again if the refill has not been used in a while (if you see fresh cream on the top of the pump, it’s well loaded).
    6. Refills replacement: when removing the base, pull it down before pulling it out. For Actives, press the safety tab first to extract the mixing tray.
    7. Device charging: the device will not charge if the power button is in the "OFF" position.


    Charge your device

    • Your device is shipped with either a partial or full charge, but we recommend connecting it to a charging power unit before your initial use.
      Remember: Ensure the power button is in the ON position when charging your device. When in the OFF position, the battery circuit is entirely disconnected and it will not charge.
    • You can connect the USB-C cable to any power adaptor with a standard 5V output, such as a standard mobile charger, or to a USB port on your computer.
    • A complete charging cycle may take up to 4 hours, depending on the power adaptor. Keep in mind that computer USB ports typically offer slower charging speeds
    • If your device's battery is depleted, you can still use it by connecting it to a power supply via its USB-C cable. However, note that the motor sound may increase due to the limited energy supply during this period.


    How to clean the device:

    1- Extract the mixing tank and the U-piece

    2- Clean them with warm water and soap

    3- Introduce them in the device again


    • Clean the mixing tank and the U piece at least once a week.
    • For the exterior of your device, use a slightly damp microfiber cloth, avoiding aggressive cleaning products.
    • While the skincare products contain preservatives, and the mixing tank is made with a special hygienic material, consider regular cleaning of the tray where the skincare is deposited to maintain overall cleanliness.


    • To ensure the optimal preservation of your refills, store the device in a room with a temperature below 25ºC. Keep it away from direct sunlight and heaters. If you don't plan to use a refill within 48 to 72 hours, it's advisable to store them outside the device, capped, in a dark area. Always avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures for their optimal conservation.
    • Before introducing a refill into the device, please confirm that it is correctly pumped (you can see fresh cream on the top) to guarantee a smooth and effective experience.

    Connecting the App


      You can download the Lesielle APP with one of the two methods:

      1. Quick NFC method: touch the top of your device with an NFC-equipped phone. You will be automatically redirected to the download app page.
        - You need to unlock the phone in order for your phone can use the NFC feature.

        - This method ultimately relies on the NFC detector of your phone. Some may have more or less detection capacity and require more or less distance or time in contact. Some users need some time to understand the exact touching method to make it work.

      2. Visiting the Apple or Google play store: You can also manually search the app in the Apple or Google Play stores. 

      Bluetooth Pairing

      After downloading and installing the app, proceed to sign up. For seamless integration, use the same email you used for your purchase. This ensures the synchronization of all your data and provides personalized skincare advice.

      Click on the Device icon () in the app menu and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your device.

      IMPORTANT: During the pairing process, the device will display all lights in BLUE. At this point, press the device button to confirm the pairing.

      All LEDs in blue-> push button to confirm pairing

      App: How to pair and Functions

      Before explaining how to pair and the different features of your App, a couple of consideration

      Do I need to use the App every time?

      Using the App is always optional since the device can blend your base and actives without it. However, if you want to enjoy the multiple features, especially your system's smart capabilities, you definitely should use the app.

      Try to always open the app before using the device so it automatically connects; this will apply your settings to the device and allow you to track your skincare journey, which is the key factor to receiving advice on how to improve your formula to achieve your desired results.

      IMPORTANT: If you are the only person using your device, activate the ONLY USER mode. This will allow you to get the full list of benefits even if you do not connect to the app every time.

      NFC Quick connect

      A faster and more convenient way to open the app and apply your settings every time is by simply touching the top of the device with a phone equipped with NFC (the phone must be unlocked).

      Your profile

      In this section, you can complete your profile and specify your skin concerns. The App utilizes this information to provide tailored advice on enhancing your formula and achieving better results. While the App can still offer some advice without this data, its effectiveness may be limited. Ensure to complete your profile for personalized skincare guidance.

      NOTE: in the upcoming months, the profile will start to automatically be linked to the Lesielle skin quiz; if you complete a skin quiz with the same email you are using for the App, your profile will be seamlessly updated. If you prefer to avoid updating your profile, consider using an alternative email when filling out the skin quiz.

      Device settings

      "Only user" option

      If you are going to be the only person using your device, it is highly recommended to activate this option. 

      This will give you the advantage that if you forget to open the app when using the device, any "offline" use of the device will be added to your profile when you connect the next time, avoiding losing your skincare track and improving the advice you will get.

      Amount & Potency

      You can define the amount of cream and its treatment concentration with these two parameters.

      Amount: This setting adjusts the quantity of cream generated by the device. Choosing a higher amount increases the utilization of both the base and active ingredients in your formula

      Potency: it adjusts the concentration of the formula, increasing the injection of active ingredients. Unlike the "Amount" option, this selector does not affect the base.

      IMPORTANT: These parameters will only be used by the device when your profile is active (the app is open and connected to the device via Bluetooth).

      To modify the "offline/disconnected" behavior of the device use the section "default settings" that is just below. This setting will be used always when a user is not identified with the app.

      NOTE: Please consider that the amount and potency parameters directly influence the duration of your refills. You can monitor the estimated uses left with your current configuration by visiting the home/dashboard section in the app. Any modifications to either the amount or potency settings will promptly update the calculation of uses left. 

      Default settings (Ammount & Potency parameters for non-identified users)

      If you need to modify the amount and potency parameters that the device will use when there is no user identified (not connected via app), you can use this section.

      Getting advice from the App to improve your formula: How does it work?

      One of the app's main benefits is that it analyzes your skincare routine, your profile, and the weather and gives you advice on modifying your formula to get better skin.

      • How does this exactly work?

      This advice is sent via the App's notification. You will not only receive advice but also questions that will help the algorithm improve the advice it gives you.

      • How often will you get advice?

      The frequency of advice is not fixed, as it is tailored to each user based on their unique characteristics and the specific stage of their treatment.

      You may experience more notifications during certain periods, such as the start of a new treatment or seasons with changing weather. Conversely, there will be times with fewer app notifications. For instance, if your ongoing treatment yields positive long-term results or if your formula requires 8-12 weeks to showcase initial changes, there might be less need for adjustments.

      In essence, the advice frequency adapts to your individual needs and the evolving dynamics of your skincare journey.

      • What do you need to do?

      The only action required is to use the device while it is connected to the app (Bluetooth must be activated).

      When doing this, the device can know that it is "you" who is using the device, and it will also apply your custom profile settings.

      Think of the app as the brain of your system. Periodic connections between the app and the device enable the app to gather valuable insights of your skincare regime, the frequency of use, the consistency... but also allow you to ask you questions to better understand your unique skin (how you feel your skin with your current moisturization, how good are the results with the new active you are using...)

      All this information is key to helping you improve the results and can only be obtained when the App and device are connected.

      • How often do you need to use the App?

      The ideal frequency for using the app is as often as possible. This is because the more updated and real-time data the app receives, the more precise and tailored its advice can be.

      Think of the app as your personal skincare coach. Regular contact, like daily interactions, will result in better advice and improved results compared to infrequent check-ins.

      If you are the sole user of the device and prefer occasional connections, you can activate the "Only User" option. With this option on, the device will retain some data until your next app connection, typically for around 30 days. However, without this option activated, the app won't have the information it needs, as it cannot determine if you are the sole user or not.

      Therefore, keeping the app connected regularly for the best skincare guidance is highly beneficial.

      Dashboard/Home screen

      The home section of you app contains all related to your skincare routine (daily checklist, refill levels...) and also information about the skincare formula you will create with the refills being used and the tracking of your custom skincare journey.

      It is divided in 3 sections: 

      1-Overview tab

      This tab includes:

      - A routine checklist to take care of your skin. Check each action when it is done.

      - Your average punctuation. This is calculated based on the correct completion of your checklist in the last 30 days and gives you an idea of how well you are doing about taking care of your skin.

      - The refill levels: you can see a visual representation of the refill content and an estimation of the uses left (these are calculated bases on the amount left and your amount/potency parameters)
      IMPORTANT: the uses left, and refill levels are only approximated because they are based on the declared volume of your refills. However, since any filling process is not 100% accurate, we always overfill as a security margin to guarantee no one has less than expected. This extra volume is not considered because it can not be controlled, but you can enjoy it because the device can still use it. Also, consider that the refill levels are measured by calculating the uses made in the device. If you change the device, the refill levels will be 100% in the new device, and the previous one will not be informed of uses made in the new device, so avoid sharing the refill between devices (we are working in an update to allow sharing refills between devices)

      2-Benefits tab

      Here you can see a graphical representation of the benefits of the custom formula you will create with the refills you have inside the device.

      In the lower part, you can get information about each one of the refills.

      Understanding each one is key and will allow you to create new formulas according to your changing needs.

      3-Tracking tab

      In this section, you can review the treatment you have created in the past, even the characteristics of each single dose.

      As in the benefits tab, use this information to understand how you took care of your skin and improve future formulas.

      Protocol mode

      Developed by our experts, this mode is perfect for individuals who prefer a structured and predefined skincare routine over a dynamically changing one.

      Once activated, the App becomes your guide, leading you through a specific treatment every day.

      On the protocol screen, you can choose from various predefined protocols.

      Each protocol comes with detailed information, including the required products, expected benefits, and the level of complexity involved.

      It's important to note that protocols may have different levels, and you can only progress to the next level after completing the previous one.

      List of protocols
      Protocol detail page

      Once a protocol is activated a progress bar will appear indicating the day of the protocol you are in.

      You will also observe the section "next step," which will be the next modification or action you will need to do (see example)

      Home screen when Protoloc activated
      Next steps detail screen

      Standard VS Protocol mode. Which is better for you?

      The primary distinction between Standard and Protocol modes lies in their approach to skincare guidance.

      Standard (Adaptive) Mode:

      • Operates on-the-go, tailoring advice based on your daily evolution, behavior, and day-to-day factors.
      • Formula adjustments in Standard Mode are made as needed, with no predetermined schedule.

      Protocol Mode:

      • Provides a designed routine with a specific skincare goal.
      • Offers a structured plan, outlining your daily steps weeks in advance.

      Think of it like personal training. In Standard Mode, your "coach" assesses your progress daily and suggests routine changes only if necessary. On the other hand, Protocol Mode offers a goal-oriented daily training plan for the upcoming weeks, providing a clear roadmap for your skincare journey.

      Update your device

        In the device section, you will be informed if there is any update available for your device so you can install it.

        It is highly recommended to install these updates as they often include improvements and corrections, ensuring your device operates optimally. Keep your device up-to-date for an enhanced and seamless skincare experience.

        Proactive technical assistant

          Your device is equipped with a state-of-the-art technical support tool that constantly scans for errors. If an error is detected, the device will autonomously attempt to repair it, minimizing 95% of incidents.

          If the device requires your assistance, it will promptly notify you through the app, providing precise steps to resolve the issue.

          For errors that demand professional technical service, the device will notify both you and Lesielle's technical service to expedite assistance.

          Discover: Tutorials, guides...

            You can find tutorials, guides, articles and more in the Discover section (Menu->bulb icon) 


              In this section, you have direct access to the Lesielle Shop.


                In your profile, you can select whether to receive notifications or not.


                • The device does not work.

                Please confirm the power button (at the bottom of the device) is in the ON position.

                • The device does not pair correctly with the App or does not react to App commands.

                - At the end of the pairing, the device LEDs will become BLUE. In that moment, you need to push the device superior button to confirm the pairing.

                - After the pairing, the device needs up to 15 seconds more, to be completely operative.

                • I can not take out the actives or base refills.

                - Base: remember to pull down before pulling out.

                - Actives: push the lateral tab before pulling out the mixing tray.

                • The device completes a production cycle, but no cream is expelled.

                Please do the following:

                1- Confirm your refills are correctly pre-loaded (you can see fresh skincare at the top of the pump).

                2- Confirm the U-Piece is in the correct position (green triangle upwards).

                3- Visually confirm that the refills have enough content (refill levels may not be accurate under certain scenarios).

                4- Reboot the system using the power bottom (ON->OFF->ON)

                • One or more refills LED indicators are RED or not lighted, but the refills have enough content.

                - Remember to center the base using the visual indicators (the device center line is aligned with the base bottle center line)

                - Confirm that all the refills still have their “smart skincare” stickers (the actives have them in the bottom, the base on the opposite side to the “center line”)

                • The Battery does not charge, or its LED indicator is OFF/RED when charging.

                Please check that the power button is in the ON position.

                • The device makes strange sounds at the end of the cycle.

                Please note that a “cla-cla” sound at the end of the cycle is normal. This is a security system that allows the device to make extraction pressure.

                • The Actives refills are not consumed at the same speed, or the actual level does not match the app/device indicators

                Small differences are normal, but bigger differences may be due to the following:

                - The refills were manually used (these are not taken into account by the system)

                - Actives head pumps are not correctly closed. Please tighten the head and check the pump works.

                - The refills were used in different devices. Although this may change with future updates, right now, the uses counter is independent for each device (meaning a refill will always appear full when inserted in a new device)

                - The refills have not been used for quite some time. Even if they are not used and are closed, the containers tend to lose some water by evaporation through the pumps (as in any other cosmetic), especially if the room temperature exceeds 23-25°C. This will cause some of the water in the cream to be lost, and the system will not be able to tell. This will cause some of the water in the cream to be lost and the system will not be able to tell that the volume is lower than expected.


                  • Avoid direct contact with water.
                  • Do not place near a heat source.
                  • Keep the device away from children under 8 years old.
                  • Do not use the device outdoors.
                  • Do not use with the door open.
                  • The device may only be supplied at a very low safety voltage, 5V.
                  • It is recommended to keep clean the mixing tank to ensure hygiene. 
                  • The device’s function is to facilitate the mixing of different complementary cosmetics, but it is the user's ultimate responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the mixing and that their skin is compatible in thesame  way they would do when mixing cosmetic products from independent brands

                  Support & Contact

                    Get instant assistance through the Lesielle App, in the contact section of our website, or through any of our social media accounts.

                    The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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