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INCI: Lauryl laurate

What is Lauryl laurate?

Lauryl laurate is an ester made from lauric acid and lauryl alcohol. It can be originally derived from vegetable oils such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, and coconut oil. It comes as an off-white waxy solid with a low melting point (23-300C).

Use & Benefits:

It is a low molecular weight emollient, so it can be used effectively in products that need to enter into the skin to exert beneficial effects such as antioxidants or antiaging formulations. It can be used in any formulation to replace ester oil and reduces greasiness in any formulation. It can also be considered multifunctional emollient. As it not only provides moisturizer like effect but also gives silicone-like after-feel i.e. smooth and soft feel on the skin. It increases the whiteness in the lotions and creams. It can also be used in products like lipsticks or other stick preparations, where it provided even spread. As it comes in contact with skin, it starts melting instantly giving it excellent slip. It can also be sued as a binder and stabilizer in hair products.

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