Lauryl lactate

Lauryl lactate

INCI: Lauryl lactate

What is Lauryl lactate?

Lauryl lactate, also known as dodecyl lactate, is as the name suggests made from lauryl alcohol and lactic acid via an esterification process. Lauryl alcohol is obtained from palm oil. And lactic acid is one of the naturally occurring Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). It is found in milk. It comes as pale yellow to a yellow clear liquid. It has a faint, buttery fragrance.

Use & Benefits

It is an ester of fatty alcohol and fatty acid, so it has properties of both the molecules in a way that provides moisture or improves the fat content of the skin. It gives a smooth feel to the skin and forms a protective layer on the skin that retains skin moisture within. It has a free alcohol group in its chemical formula, which gives it water solubility and such property is particularly useful in the preparation of bath oil. It doesn’t dry out the skin as well as offers cleansing to the skin. It is used in moisturizers, cleansing products, skincare products, makeup, shampoos, hair dyes, and hair care products.


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