Lauroyl lysine


INCI: Lauroyl lysine

What is Lauroyl lysine?

Lauroyl lysine is a Lauric acid derivative. It can be prepared by L-lysine and fatty acid. It comes as a white crystalline uniform powder, which is insoluble in organic solvents as well as water.

Use & Benefits

It has a specific solvency issue, that is, it is not soluble in water or organic solvents and has a powdery texture. Being an organic molecule and tiniest size, it not only provides a soft and silky feel as well as good emollience. Never the less it has hexagon particle shape, which is believed to form a honeycomb-like structure on the skin providing greater adherence and long wear properties to the powder. It does not get washed away with water or sweat. It is also used for surface treatment of pigments, meaning the pigments which are otherwise easily degradable or destroyable can be treated to get lasting effect. It is used in color cosmetics such as foundation, face powder, eye color, illuminator; Moisturizers, body lotions, sunscreens, creams; and hair shampoos and conditioners.


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