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What is Laureths?

Laureths are chemical compounds, made up mainly from Lauryl alcohol, rather shorter term for lauryl ethers. The chemical process using which the laureths are made is called ethoxylation, as the name suggests, it involves the addition of ethylene oxide molecule to the lauryl alcohol. Lauryl alcohol is derived from lauric acid, which is a naturally found saturated fatty acid, from palm or coconut oil. The laureths are associated with a number, which depicts the average number of ethylene oxide molecules being repeated in a molecule. Also, when the number increases, the viscosity of ingredients also increases until they become white, waxy solids.

Use & Benefits


Physical properties and other information

Use and benefits


Clear colorless to light yellow liquid

Emulsifier which stabilizes both the oil and water phase. It contains both water and oil miscible parts in its molecule. It is used in skincare, body care products.


Clear colorless liquid

It is used as an Emulsifier that helps stabilize emulsion containing water and oil both in any preparation. It is also used as a wetting agent; this agent helps certain micronized or hydrophobic dry ingredients mix properly with a suitable solvent. As a surfactant it can be used, to create foam and cleanse the skin or hair properly. It is used in products like creams, lotions, deodorants, shaving products, bath oil, and rinses.


White waxy solid

It can be used both as an emulsifier and a surfactant. It may cause very minor irritation to the skin and eyes. It is used in body care products.


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