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INCI: Isopropyl lanolate

What is Isopropyl lanolate?

Isopropyl lanolate is an ester derived from natural lanolin fatty acid and isopropyl alcohol. It is a fat with the highest solid fat content. Any liquid portion resulted from this reaction is removed via distillation under high vacuum. It looks similar to butter including softness and yellow color it has. It is non-greasy with good spreadability. It is the most versatile product of lanolin, which is being used for almost 20 years.

Use & Benefits:

It is used as emollient and lubricant, which is completely made up of fatty substances. It can be a preferred emulsifier than a hydrocarbon base since it is less occlusive and less sticky than carbohydrate bases. It is used as a fattening agent for luxury soaps because of same reason for high-fat content. It is used to decrease resistance to application. This property is particularly useful in case of lipsticks, it also helps to achieve glossy film.  Due to its chemical structure with high molecular weight, in any formula it does not let the static charge create problem. It can be used as antistatic. It is also used as a binder for compact powders. It is also used in other makeup products such as foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, blushes; creams and lotions. 

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