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INCI: Isoleucine

What is Isoleucine?

Isoleucine is one of the eight essential amino acids, which cannot be synthesized in the human body and one has to get it from outside sources to make it available for body. They are mainly obtained through fermentation, which is then isolated from bacteria and separated and crystallized to get isoleucine. It comes as white, crystalline powder.

Use & Benefits:

Amino acids have both amine and alcohol groups attached with same carbon, which gives it unique chemical instability only for one hydrogen atom. Because of this special status, it may be used as antistatic. It has the capacity to incorporate some charge within its structure. The electrostatic charge is a major problem in case of hair as they tend to fly away because of it. Which may result in tangling and breaking of hair. When a product containing amino acid in a shampoo or conditioner is used, it can keep the hair free from static charge and hair can be managed in a better way. Also, amino acids are linked to the skin’s metabolism within the stratum corneum in one or the other way. And as we age this amino acid becomes less available for maintenance of skin or hair. So, when we apply it topically, it becomes readily available for skin and hair to use and thus it brings positive structural changes in hair and skin. They are also used as skin or hair conditioners in many products like skincare creams and lotions, makeup products, hair care products.

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