Isoamyl laurate


INCI: Isoamyl laurate

What is Isoamyl laurate?

Isoamyl laurate is an ester formed by a reaction between isoamyl alcohol and lauric acid. It is a colorless, clear oily liquid with medium strong waxy fragrance. It also has a somewhat peach-like fragrance.   

Use & Benefits

It is mainly used as fragrance ingredient in any formulation. It is however also used as an emollient. Since it has lauric acid, which is beneficial for skin, and generally esters are fatty in nature, they provide moisturization to the skin. It also forms a film over the skin or hair and which acts like a protective layer and keeps the outside environmental damaging factors at bay. Also, it does not let moisture evaporate from the skin and thus conditions the skin. It also has faster spreadability and elegant, non-sticky, light and velvety skin feel. It has good miscibility with other surfactants and mixes well. It is used in many skincare and hair care products. 


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