“If every person is unique, cosmetics should be unique too.”

- Rubén Rubiales, Pharmacist. CEO and Founder of Lesielle -

Your skin is unique.
Don't settle for a standard product.

Like most revolutionary ideas, Lesielle was born out of a need. 

In this case, it was when Rubén was not able to find his perfect cosmetic among the millions of options available on the market. 
The reason was logical, everyone is unique and there is no one generic formula that will fit 100%.

What if each person could create their perfect cosmetic in a simple and fast way?

To achieve this, we have separated the cosmetic into 2 parts: bases and active ingredients.

1: Choose you base

 Skin type

Dry, normal, combination, oily or sensitive skin?

Each skin type has its own catalogue!

 choose your texture 

With Lesielle, you can choose the texture: nourishing, light...

Because we all don't like the same thing.


Protect your skin from photo-aging!

You can choose a base with SPF if your skin is going to be exposed to the sun.

 Gama "LAB" & "NATURE

It's up to you:

·  “NATURE”: for those who prefer only 100% natural ingredients.

·  “LAB”: natural ingredients combined with laboratory ingredients. The best of both worlds.

2: Choose and combine your activEs


· Wrinkles
· Signs of age
· Expression lines
· Improve the appearance of the skin


· Prevent skin aging
· Improve the overall appearance of the skin


· They give brightness
· Improve tone and a fatigued appearance
· They correct little spots


· Smooth the skin
· They give uniformity
· Correct imperfections (blackheads, pores...)


· Calming effect
· Helps your irritated skin return to its natural state


· Protect your skin from the environment
· Repairing Ingredients
· Provides extra hydration

Actives don't always work the same way!

As you know, the actives give the treatment. But in addition to needing a different combination, each active ingredient is not equally effective for everyone.

With Lesielle, not only will you be able to choose a specific treatment, but you will gradually learn to identify the specific active ingredient that works best for you and change it little by little.

So, the more you use it, the more effective it is.

Well, what if your skin or environment changes?

Internal and external factors make you need a different treatment. For example, in winter the skin is drier.

The good news is that with Lesielle, instead of having to throw away the treatment, you only have to adjust the base or add the active ingredient you need (this way you save time, money and is more ecological).

That's why we call it ADAPTIVE SKIN CARE.


Temperature, humidity, pollution, other cosmetics...


Hormonal, stress, nutrition...


Try new active ingredients and textures whenever you want!