“The effectiveness of a cosmetic is based on providing a correct hydration, have quality active ingredients, well concentrated and combined between them.”

- Rubén Rubiales, Industrial Pharmacist. CEO and Founder of Lesielle -

Lesielle is more effective for 3 main reasons:


It has exactly what your skin needs.

2: iT IS adaptIVE

A new cosmetic when your skin changes or needs it.


The Lesielle innovation that increases the concentration
and the number of active combinations.

Isolated formulation,
what it is and why it increases efficiency?

Discover the science awarded by experts from 13 countries as "The best of the best".

ISOLATED FORMULATION means that each active ingredient is separated from the rest,
and is within a formula only designed for it, to be more effective and better preserved.

That is to say, it is in its ideal environment.

This allows three things:

We make the impossible real.
Combinations until now almost impossible to get in the same cream.


The most powerful combination of active ingredients so far.

It is practically impossible to find them together with high real concentration (even in well-known brands), due to the difference in their pH.


powerful anti-aging cream for all skin types with skin damage/with over-exposure to the elements.
Once again, you often find them separated by their different pHs.

Unlike what they usually say, retinol and AHAs work well together.

No one knows your skin better than you

We're unique, and the ingredients don't work the same way for every one of us.

The more you use Lesielle, the more you will know the effect of each ingredient on your skin and you will create better treatments.