How do I choose my treatment?

Our CEO, Ruben, tells you how to choose your treatment and adapt it to the changes in your skin:

“I am Ruben, founder and CEO of Lesielle. I created all this because I couldn't find my perfect cosmetic, but now with Lesielle it's very easy! 

I want to share with you my customized treatment with Lesielle, and how I usually adapt it over time.”
 "First, the base!" 
It provides the correct hydration and texture.

In my case, I have  combination skin  and I like a light texture. In addition, I add  SPF  for total protection from UVA rays.

If you don't know what your skin type is, you can find out here.
 "Second, the treatment!" 
"As you know, working on a startup can be is very stressful and, in the end, I end up noticing it on my skin. 

That's why I'd like to start preventing the small signs of aging (Retinol) and eliminate spots and improve skin tone (Vitamin C)."
 "That's it!" 
Now, just by pressing the button, I get a single dose of my cream to use in the moment.”
 "But what if my skin changes?" 
"I simply change or add components to my liking, and that's it!
I'm going to show you some changes I usually make to my usual treatment.”
"I go to Switzerland many times to see my partner Sophie. As you know, the climate there is not the best for hydrated skin...

Therefore, I change my base for a  normal skin  one with nourishing texture and  SPF  but I keep the treatment."
"Founding Lesielle has allowed me to travel all over the world, and I love it! But sometimes the big cities have a high pollution, which deteriorates my skin.

For those moments, I simply add the active 'ANTI-CONTAMINATION', and that's it!"
"After shaving, my skin feels a little irritated.

Instead of buying a specific cream for that, I simply add 'BISABOLOL' to the treatment to soothe the skin."
"If you have any questions about cosmetics or I can help you with something, you can write us
directly to our chat or fill in our contact form.

We'll be happy to help!”

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