Unique sensations, adapted to your skin type

For all types of skin

Bases rich in
oils and fats

Bases with a good balance of
 oils and fats
Bases with a low proportion of
  oils and fats
but more moisturizers
Bases with low amounts of
selected oils and fats
and/or a large amount of moisturizer
Bases made with ingredients
specially selected for
sensitive skins

Optimal hydration level

We have designed a catalog of bases for each type of skin.
Use the hydration you need at every moment

Textures based on your preferences

With lesielle you can choose your skin care texture: nourishing, light, flux, velvety feel, gel....

Use the one you like the most, at every moment:
For example, a light daytime texture and a nourishing one to repair and deeply moisturize your skin while you sleep.

Protect your skin from photoaging

The sun is one of the main causes of skin aging.
Use our SPF bases to protect your skin.

"Nature" range

Look for this icon to identify the bases
created for those who desire only
100% natural oils and ingredients

Lab" range

Bases with the best oils and natural ingredients
combined with the most advanced safe synthetics
ingredients. The best of both worlds combined

Designed for every type of skin

Every skin is unique.
In Lesielle you won't find phrases like "for all skin types" or "for mature skins".
Are all mature skins supposed to be the same? For this reason, each base clearly indicates to which one it is addressed to.
If you don't know your skin type, contact us, visit one of our distributors or learn how to identify it with the following indications.


This type of skin is characterized by producing less fat than normal skin. The fat helps to retain moisture and protects the skin against external aggressions so this skin often presents a low hydration level. 

Maximum hydration: you can use the richest bases (higher levels of oils and fats) along with ingredients that increase skin water retention.


Generally called normal or eudermal skin, this type produces by itself a quantity of balanced fat. Normally, it has a correct hydration level.

Medium hydration: Gives your skin a balanced nutrition and protection with our special bases for normal skin. Combines daytime creams (lighter) with night creams (more nourishing and protective) for perfect skin condition.


Combination skin is a combination of 2 skin types: oily in the T zone (Forehead, chin and nose) and normal or dry skin in cheeks area.

Moderate hydration: as this skin has some oily areas, you should mainly use ingredients that help retain water inside your skin rather than providing oils. Our special bases for combination skins will help you to moisturize while avoiding overloading the fatty areas and magnifying the shinineses.


This type of skin is characterized by producing an excess of fat and it is usually identified by the presence of shiny areas. It can also present dilated pores and it has tendency to present imperfections like blackheads and pimples. 

Very light hydration: using bases with ingredients that contribute to water retention without providing oils or butters and magnifying the shinineses.

It adapts to you,
when and wherever you want

personalized cosmetics during the day
Lighter and soft bases during the day for a living and dazzling skin. Also available with SPF
Custom skin care for night
Richer and more nutritive bases to take care and repair your skin during the night.
Custom skin care for winter
In winter, weather conditions can be hard for skin, especially in snowy areas where the air is very dry.
A more protective and nourishing base can help your skin stay in good condition
Custom skin care for summer
In summer or warm areas, you may like to use lighter bases as they are more refreshing. If you desire you can use it as a base with SPF to help prevent photoaging