“Your skin is constantly changing.
Personalised skin care that doesn't adapt doesn't work.”

The cosmetic we need today may not be the same as we need tomorrow.

Personalized and adaptive.

The cosmetics with your name on it.

Stop buying creams made for groups of people in general.

Create your perfect cream according to the exact needs of your skin, in 3 seconds and at home.

Lesielle is the first skin care that adapts to the changes and needs of your skin.


Temperature, humidity, pollution, other cosmetics...


Hormonal, stress, nutrition...

No more having your bathroom full of open creams picking up dust!

Find out how you can adapt your treatment!

 Do you need an anti-fatigue booster effect?

Add Vitamin C

 Very dry skin in winter?

Change to a base for  dry skin 

 High contamination?

Add Anti-contamination

 Occasional pimples?

Add an exfoliating active ingredient from the  Imperfections range 

 Do you want to protect your skin from the sun?

Change to a base with  SPF 

 too dry skin?

Add Argan Oil

 occasional irritation?

Add Bisabolol


Add Vitamin C

 special occasion?

Dazzle with the Lifting Effect