Ilex paraguariensis leaf extract

Ilex paraguariensis

INCI: Ilex paraguariensis leaf extract

What is Ilex paraguariensis leaf extract?

Ilex paraguariensis is also known as yerba mate or para game tea, native to central and southern regions of South American continent. It is traditionally used as a beverage. Its active constituents include polyphenols, flavonoids quercetin and rutin, xanthine such as caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline; and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

Use & Benefits

It contains many constituents, those fall under categories of antioxidants, so it carries a positive effect on skin and hair via preventing any damage from free radicals and oxidation. It contains caffeine, which has a similar effect like green tea on the skin. It conditions the skin; it can form a protective layer on the surface of skin or hair and also adds shine to them. It can be considered an anti-aging ingredient since preventing oxidation it addresses the root cause of aging i.e. skin epithelium protein damage. It reverses the damage caused by oxidation and free radicals. It keeps wrinkles and fine lines at a minimum by affecting the skin positively. It is also used as a perfuming agent and used in bath products. It can also be found in skincare, hair care products, pre, and post-sun care products.


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