Hyssopus officinalis extract


INCI: Hyssopus officinalis extract

What is Hyssopus officinalis extract?

Hyssopus officinalis is a scientific name for hyssop, purple colored flowering plant, looks similar to mint. It is native to Sothern Europe, Region surrounding the Caspian Sea, and middle east. The main constituents include flavonoids, such as apigenin, quercetin, diosmin, luteolin, and their glucoside; phenolic compounds such as chlorogenic, caffeic ferulic, protocatechuic acid, syringic and parahydroxybenzoic acid. Oil extracted also contains important terpenoids such as pinocamphone, betapinene, and isopinocamphone. The extract comes as light to amber colored liquid.

Use & Benefits

Its active constituents exert an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effect. However, it is of more medicinal importance that way then cosmetical use. It also has mild astringent and antioxidant effect. It can loosen the dead skin cells attached with epidermal layer and ease its peeling and shedding. So, when it is applied on patchy, uneven toned skin, it shows improvement with repeated used. It can protect the skin from harmful free radicals and degenerative effects on skin protein carried out by oxygen. It is mainly used for its fragrance. It can be incorporated in skincare, hair care products as well as in creams and lotions because of various beneficial effects.





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