Hydroxypropyl guar

Hydroxypropyl guar

INCI:Hydroxypropyl guar

What is Hydroxypropyl guar?

Hydroxypropyl guar is a non-ionic polymer. As the name suggests, it is obtained from naturally occurring guar beans. It comes as fine yellow powder. The process of isolating hydroxypropyl guar includes first galactomannan, polysaccharide of guar beans seeds is isolated with some heat and mechanical method, then it is reacted with propylene in presence of NaOH, as a catalyst.

Use & Benefits

It is just like a parent plant helps increase viscosity of a product. It works over a wide pH range. It can be used in sprayable products as well to increase viscosity. The film-forming capability of this molecule helps dry hair and skin recover faster. Moisture gets locked within the skin because of this film, as a result skin becomes smoother and well lubricated. It can help stabilize emulsions. Especially when there are varieties of ingredients in any products used, the stability of the product due to unrequired interactions becomes an issue. In that case the hydroxypropyl guar remains stable over wide pH range, presence of salt and alcohol.  It is used to form skin creams, lotions, hair care products, gels, and make-up.



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