Hydroxyethyl urea

Hydroxyethyl urea

INCI: Hydroxyethyl urea

What is Hydroxyethyl urea?

Hydroxyethyl urea is an organic solid, light yellow compound. Chemically, it is a diamide of carbonic acid. It is also a low molecular weight and very much water-soluble.

Use & Benefits

As mentioned earlier, it attracts moisture so when it is applied on the surface on skin or hair, it forms a film that is water permeable and attracts water from surroundings. So, when used for dry skin, the dry skin may get a moisture boost. Moreover, it is a smaller molecule and can easily participate in different topical physiological reactions taking place, and on a long-term basis, it may improve the strength of the hair shaft. However, there is no definite research showing up this effect. It is used in bath soaps and leave-on products. 




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