Hydroxydecyl ubiquinone


INCI: Hydroxydecyl ubiquinone

What is Hydroxydecyl ubiquinone?

Idebenone, also known as hydroxydecyl ubquinone, was originally created by Japanese pharmaceutical company called Takeda for treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The reason why it is used because its structure resembles antioxidant coenzyme Q10. Moreover, it is a potent antioxidant, and topically also it is effective. It comes as yellow-orange crystal powder.

Use & Benefits

It is mainly used as an antioxidant, and free radical scavenger. In the process of premature aging free radicals are the culprit, through damaging sun rays and chemicals in the atmosphere they hit our skin structure and damage the skin protein. The corrupt skin protein cannot produce healthy skin and fine lines and wrinkles start showing up.  An antioxidant protects the skin from this damage. It may produce an antiaging effect as well. Since it is a potent antioxidant it is being effectively used in anti-aging creams and lotions.  




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