Hydrolyzed silk

Hydrolyzed silk

INCI: Hydrolyzed silk

What is Hydrolyzed silk?

Hydrolyzed silk is derived from the noils or the short fiber leftovers of silk thread, in turn from the silkworms bombyx mori. The silk thread is isolated from the cocoon, then cleansed, and degummed. These threads are combined with other similar thread and combed. After combing the long, uniform strands used in silk yarn, while the shorter noils are used in production of hydrolyzed silk protein. Again, it undergoes controlled hydrolysis to obtain the hydrolyzed silk protein. It comes as clear, amber-colored liquid with a characteristic mild odor. Hydrolysis breaks down any molecule into smaller fragments, which are than easily absorbed through the skin.

Use & Benefits

The purest form of silk is captured in the hydrolyzed silk, has amino acids especially cysteine in its structure. Due to different chemical processes, or lack of nutrition or due to other reasons hair becomes brittle and results in moderate to severe hair loss. So, when the hydrolyzed silk protein is used, it binds with hair strands and provides the required amino acids to the hair. It is easily absorbed into skin or hair due to smaller size and works as a shield against the surrounding or damaging stimuli. It gives a luster and shines to hair. For skin also, the silk protein forms a barrier which attracts more water and makes the skin plump and smooth. It is used in shampoos, hair conditioners, hail balms, creams, and lotions.




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