Hydrolyzed milk protein


INCI: Hydrolyzed milk protein

What is Hydrolyzed milk protein?

Hydrolyzed milk protein is obtained by hydrolysis of milk by acidic, alkaline or enzymatic reactions. Milk is a rich source of protein casein and whey protein. It has almost all of the required amino acids that a human body need. In ancient times, milk has been used for bathing, especially it was very common in Royal families. It comes as white, yellow or brownish-white in color..

Use & Benefits:

Milk protein is helpful in the restructuring of cells since it has good penetration into the skin. The amino acids contained in it have two different groups attached in the same structure, which can make them water-loving as well as fat-loving at the same time. So, they can get attached to dead skin cells and dirt and get washed away with water. Thus, it can be used as cleansers. The milk protein also keeps skin hydrated and reduces allergic infections like rashes and dark spots on the skin. They can form a film on the hair and skin surface and do not allow moisture to evaporate and retain it within the skin. Milk protein hydrates the skin and makes it smoother and lighter in shade. It also repairs damaged hair, helps in the growth of healthy and shiny hair. It is used in the formulations of many skincare and hair care products.

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