Hydrolyzed jojoba protein

Hydrolyzed jojoba protein

INCI: Hydrolyzed jojoba protein

What is Hydrolyzed jojoba protein?

Hydrolyzed jojoba protein is a hydrolysate of jojoba seed protein. It is made from alkaline jojoba meal -oil solution, when reacted with protease enzyme to induce hydrolysis. It comes as a cloudy dark brown color with a faint odor. It has almost all qualities of jojoba seed in more or less proportion. .

Use & Benefits:

It is water-soluble, and when it is applied on skin or hair it forms a film that absorbs moisture from surroundings. This moisture then it makes it available for the usage on skin/ hair. So, when damaged dry hair or dry skin gets the hydrolyzed jojoba protein treatment, it is sure to get a moisturizing boost. Not only will it repair but it also provides shine and luster to hair. In case of skin, it nourishes with its valuable ingredients and moisturizes the skin, thus it may improve the aging skin /fine lines/ wrinkles. It is available in rinse-off and leave-on product, creams and lotions, sun care products, protective creams, shampoo, conditioner, and makeup products.
For more information on jojoba oil See: Buxus Chinensis.

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