Hydrolyzed acacia macrostachya seed extract

Hydrolyzed acacia macrostachya seed extract

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What is Hydrolyzed acacia macrostachya seed extract?

Acacia macrostachya is a tropical shrub and found in Africa from Senegal to Sudan. The seeds of the plant are the most useful and can be considered as edible. The extract from the seed is generally used for different purposes. The use in cosmetics from the web resources it can be found that patents have been filed for use of acacia and in near future we may see its name appearing on many cosmetic formulations. However, there are few products which have the extract as an active ingredient

Use & Benefits

Hydrolyzed acacia macrostachya seed extract is used as instant water replenisher for dry skin. It provides moisturization up to the optimal level and makes skin well hydrated. 



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