Hydrogenated vegetable glyceride citrate

Hydrogenated vegetable glyceride citrate

INCI: Hydrogenated vegetable glyceride citrate

What is Hydrogenated vegetable glyceride citrate?

Hydrogenated vegetable glyceride citrate is a product of a reaction between hydrogenated vegetable glyceride with citric acid. It comes as white flakes solid at room temperature.

Use & Benefits

Hydrogenated vegetable glyceride citrate can be considered a fatty acid salt so; it can be useful in both oil and water. Thus, it can be used in emulsions as an emulsifier. Higher fat content helps penetration to skin and improves smoothness and softness of the skin. It can also be used as surfactant since a surfactant can bind with grease, dirt which can be carried away with the help of water. It can also be best used for dry skin because it moisturizes skin without any irritation due to higher fat content. It is used for body care, skincare and in anti-aging preparations



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