hydrogenated palm glycerides

hydrogenated palm glycerides

INCI: hydrogenated palm glycerides

What is hydrogenated palm glycerides?

Hydrogenated palm glycerides are palm glycerides reacted to get hydrogen atom into the structure of a particular molecule. The process of hydrogenation is kept under control and only a certain amount of hydrogen atoms are allowed to react. The hydrogenation helps to change the state of any oil from liquid to solid at room temperature.  The palm glycerides are derived from the fatty content of palm oil.

Use & Benefits

The palm glycerides have lots of fat content in them. So, they can be nourishing to dry skin. They can moisturize the skin by forming a. occlusive or water-impermeable film on skin or hair. This film can protect the skin from environmental damage and at the same time it locks the moisture near the skin. So that the skin becomes soft and nourished. The palm glycerides have both water-loving and oil-loving structure. So, they can be used best as an emulsifier. Hydrogenated variety is more stable and can be used to enhance the viscosity, as it is almost semi-solid to solid at room temperature. It is used in skincare, sun care, makeup, SPF enhancement.



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