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INCI: Hydrogen peroxide

What is Hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a simple inorganic oxide. It is widely used in households also for multi-purposes. The purest form of hydrogen peroxide is solid white crystalline powder, but it cannot be used as such. It has to be used as 3-98% aqueous solution. Chemically, it is both an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent.

Use & Benefits:

Hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleaching agent due to its oxidizing nature. It can also be used as an antiseptic at 2.5-3% concentration. Also, hydrogen peroxide works on the shaft of the hair and decolorizes melanin, so can be used as a hair dying product. It is also used in a product as antimicrobial agent. It is used in hair colors, hair bleaches, conditioners, tooth whitening products, etc. According to FDA, a proper sensitivity test should be done 48 hrs before to make sure there is no adverse reaction of hydrogen peroxide-containing hair colors.

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