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INCI: Hydrastis canadensis root extract

What is Hydrastis canadensis root extract?

Hydrastis canadensis is the scientific name for goldenseal/orange root or yellow puccoon, native to southeastern Canada and eastern United States. Its peculiar feature is yellow knotted rootstalk. Native Americans used the powder of root for ulcer healing purposes. The extract from the root and the root powder is used for cosmetic purposes. The main beneficial constituent of the root is alkaloids berberine, hydrastine, and canadine. It comes as light to amber colored liquid with characteristic odor.

Use & Benefits:

The alkaloid berberine has mainly cleansing action on the skin. It is used for skin blemishes or uneven tone. As we age, our skin starts losing important nutrients which creates an imbalance in the formation of epithelial structure. Plus, the harmful radiation from sun and pollutants and free radicals from environment add to it. Resulting in premature aging of skin, skin discoloration or uneven skin tone can prevail at younger age. When the extract is used on the skin in any form, it forms a complex with dead skin cell and helps to exfoliate with mild scrubbing action. At the same time, it can also be used for sensitive skin. In fact, it soothes the irritated skin as well. It is used in facial cleansers, anti-aging formulation, make-up and hair care products.

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