Honey extract


INCI: Honey extract

What is Honey extract?

Honey extract is made from honey, which is utilized from the nectar made by the honey bees of genus Apis. Honey is made of a mixture of naturally occurring sugar such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, etc. with moisture content 14-18%. It is clear to hazy light-yellow liquid with characteristic odor and sweet taste. It also contains traces of acid, enzymes, minerals, vitamins (B, C, and E) and flavonoids.

Use & Benefits

Honey is very nutritious internally as well as externally. It has various sugars in it and sugar has a quality of drawing and retaining moisture when applied on the skin. Also, it can calm irritated skin by providing a soothing effect on the skin. For dry and irritated skin preparation, honey can be a choice of ingredient. It is also believed to have mild antibacterial effect, so, it can be helpful in treating acne. It has mild antioxidant effect due to traces of vitamins and flavonoids it contains, and provide protection against damaging environmental free radicals. 





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